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Parish Council

PLEASE NOTE: We have two vacancies on the Parish Council.  If you are interested in joining and playing a part in your community please contact the Parish Clerk

Scheduled meetings take place approximately every six weeks at the Village Hall at 7.30 pm - open to the public. A copy of the Minutes of these meetings can be seen upon request from the Clerk, and on this website once approved.

The next meeting is due to be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday, 30th November 2021 at 7.30pm. 

The Parish Clerk
Mrs Jennie Blackburn – 01449 721369 / clerk@csmpc.co.uk


The Parish Councillors

Cllr Sue Haynes (Chair) - 01449 722570 (Village Hall Management Committee)

Cllr Hugo Craggs (Vice-Chair) - 07815137228 (Community Infrastructure Levy (CiL) / Sustainability)

Cllr Jan Palmer - 01449 723997 (Blacksmiths Field / Play Equipment)

Cllr Paul Scully - 01449 721461 (Footpaths and Bridleways)

Cllr Roger Coton - 01449 721526 (Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC))

Cllr Nigel Smart - 01449 720100

Cllr Lesley Plummer - 01449 720359




The Parish Council’s responsibilities include:

Finance - The Parish Council is responsible for:-

  • the approval and monitoring of Council expenditure;
  • annually analysing future funding requirements and recommending the precept to be raised;
  • arranging insurance of parish property;
  • arranging donations and;
  • other associated activities requiring finance.

Contact: Any Parish Councillor or the Clerk, Mrs Blackburn


The Parish Council receives and considers consultation copies of all Planning Applications relating to the parish. Recommendations from the Council either in support of the application or as objections, are passed to Mid Suffolk District Council who, as Planning Authority, will make use of these comments in their determination of the application. 

Contact: Any Parish Councillor or the Clerk, Mrs Blackburn

Public Footpaths

The Parish Council oversees the maintenance of the footpaths within the Parish of Creeting St Mary.

Contact: Cllr Paul Scully

Parish Property

The Parish Council provides and maintains dog waste bins, litter bins, notice boards and benches.

Contact: Any Parish Councillor or the Clerk, Mrs Blackburn


The Parish Council oversees highways matters such as the need for road repairs and signposting. Anything that needs reporting, such as potholes, can be reported by any member of the public at https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/highway-maintenance/report-a-highways-issue/


The meeting dates for 2021 are as follows:

Monday, 18th October 2021

Monday, 29th November 2021



Next Meeting Agenda

Will display the most recent agenda available